Finding a Good Location for a Family Photo Shoot

Finding a Good Location for a Family Photo Shoot

Finding a great location when deciding to photograph family portraits can take some serious thought. You probably know of a few good places to take those portraits right away. But once you go outside and observe the scene, you might change your mind. Here’s how to find a decent background for your next family shoot.

Don't pick a crowded location.

It is tempting to use an attractive location, but sometimes good looking spots are not the best option, especially if there will be a lot of traffic from tourists. You don’t want many strangers taking up the background while you are trying to put together the perfect portrait. Even if the location provides a great backdrop, overcrowded scenes may hurt your planned shoot.


Urban photography.

Shooting in nature with a green background is a popular choice, but it can be boring and predictable. Old buildings and architectural structures with large windows, rustic doors, and historic details are worth including in your shots. Always make sure that you have the required permits and licenses if such documents are needed at the place you are taking pictures.


Timing is everything.

It is important to be aware that even the most attractive locations may look odd if you are shooting in the middle of the day because of the harsh sunlight. Having that knowledge, it is always a good idea to shoot later in the day or early in the morning when the light tends to be more warm. You may discover that you need extra lighting equipment to eliminate harsh shadows from tree branches that may overshadow your subjects' faces.


Go somewhere secluded.

If you want your photos to stand out, schedule a session in a secret place that is not seen on a daily basis. For example, a garden full of flowers, a beach with sand dunes, or tall grass with distant trees are beautiful places that can help you create eye-catching photos. By doing so, you’ll be able to tell a story with your pictures, and enhance your subjects' personality, resulting in much more engaging photos.


Choose a meaningful place.

A lovely environment is the single most important thing when you are trying to recap a meaningful story. If you are shooting for a wedding anniversary or another special event with the family, choose a place that fits the theme, such as an outdoor space where the couple met together for the first time. If you are shooting with kids, a cozy cafe can make a wonderful backdrop.


Bonus tip.

Once you have a good selection of photos, it's time to find a way to preserve your family memories. Create high quality canvas prints to adorn your walls. Ordering multiple prints is certainly easier than creating an entire family album. Personalize your treasured photos and showcase them proudly to anyone who enters your home. A gallery of museum-grade canvases are a perfect way to highlight your family portraits, baby photos, or wedding memories.