Great Newborn Photography Tips

Great Newborn Photography Tips

We’ve rounded up a list of safe and easy newborn home shoot photography tips to help you capture the beautiful moments before your baby grows up.


Plan the poses ahead of time.

As with any photo session, the most important element is preparation. The session can take place when the baby is less than 2 weeks old and sleeping most of the time. At this age, newborns are easier to pose. You can get a lot of cute sleepy pictures with them looking peaceful. One tip that will improve your photography is to create a plan to guide you through the process and remind you of all of the images that you want to take. If you are taking the photos for a proud mom and dad, make sure you ask in advance what their desired outcome for the photo session is.



Create the perfect set up.

The key to a smooth and successful photo session is to set up an area ahead of time. Use a space heater to warm up the room and test out the temperature to make sure that the baby will not be too cold while nude. Keep the newborn calm by laying them in a comfortable place like on a soft pillow or thick blanket. Make sure you use protective plastic If you plan to photograph the baby without a diaper on.


Always use safe lighting.

If you want amazing portraits of a newborn pay close attention to your camera settings. A camera's pop up flash can do more harm than good. Babies eyes are quite sensitive and cannot be exposed to harsh lights until they are few months old. Use natural window light to create natural looking photos.


Keep the baby comfortable.

This should be your number one priority. A photo session can take up to 4 hours with multiple pauses for feeding, changing diapers, and posing. If the baby is hungry or unhappy, you won’t get any nice shots. Wait for the baby to fall asleep and then pose them. If you are lucky, you may even capture the baby first smile.


Preserve your photos for future generations.

One of the best things you can do with newborn images is to turn them into wall art. Personalized canvas prints are meaningful home décor gifts that can be given to parents and grandparents. We'll help you turn your dearest moments into thoughtful gifts that will last for many generations.