Tips on How to Make Yourself Look Good in Photographs

Tips on How to Make Yourself Look Good in Photographs

Ever feel like you aren’t photogenic enough? Taking a good photo requires preparation and the skills to know how to work with a camera. The truth is good pictures don't just happen. Here are some tips on how to capture the perfect selfie!

Find your best facial expression.

Study your past photos. It’s a matter of deciding what factors make you the most photogenic. What angles, or facial expressions can amplify your true beauty. Is there a certain pose or angle that works best for you? Professional models don’t just randomly pose in front of a camera. They practice to strike the right facial expression. The more you practice your perfect pose the more ready you will be when the camera clicks.



Wear the right outfit.

Wear clothes you are confident in. Dress in flattering cuts, appropriate for your body type. As a general rule of thumb monochromatic pieces look better than patterns. Same goes with makeup. Learn how to highlight your eyes and cheeks to give your features more depth. Choose a shade of lipstick that best accentuates your mouth. Place blush on your cheekbones to highlight them. Before posing for a picture decide which hair style flatters you the most.



Get comfortable with your smile.

Determine if you prefer an open smile or a closed smile. Try to make your facial expression look as natural as possible and not forced.


Lighting is everything when taking good photos.

Move around to capture soft light to illuminate your face from the side, it’s a good practice to position yourself in front of a window or other source of light. Avoid harsh flash lighting which can create unflattering shadows under your eyes.


Master the art of posing.

Instead of standing straight, put one leg in front of the other so you are standing more diagonal. This tip instantly helps elongate your body. Extend your face slightly forward towards your phone. This creates the look of a sharper jawline and longer neck. Hold your phone slightly above eye-level so that you are looking up towards it. Push your shoulders down to make yourself look more relaxed. Keep your arms away from your body. Avoid awkward poses that are more likely to produce a bad photo. Focus on your attributes instead of the faults you think you have.


Pro tip: Create great wall art!

Showcase your favorite selfie shots by turning them into high quality canvas prints. Canvas prints look amazing and add an incredible amount of visual interest to your home.