Top Tips for Photographing Children

Top Tips for Photographing Children

Kids are difficult to engage, and some parents struggle taking a decent photo of their children. This article provides some straightforward steps on how to take some meaningful print-worthy shots of your little ones.

Get them used to the camera.

Children will feel more comfortable with your camera if you’re not towering over them. Try to get down on their level. Better yet, give them their own camera to play with (an older one that is no longer working). Once they are engrossed in "taking" their own photos, they'll forget that you have your camera and you can concentrate on capturing natural candid shots.


Plan ahead.

As with all portrait photography, getting a compelling image starts with a good plan. Think beforehand about possible backgrounds, poses, and outfits. Are you taking the photos outside? Think about what props could be used etc.


Consider your lighting.

Try to avoid using flash when there is enough of a light source like a window for example. Camera flash can cause red-eye and produce harsh-looking and unflattering light. Place your child facing toward the light to create a soft, well-lit scene.


Set up the scene.

Get rid of any distracting elements so your image focuses solely on your child. You can easily create a background. Find a colorful wall or even set up an interesting textile which your child could stand in front of. Alternatively, you could incorporate some props or one of their favorite toys to add interest.


Go for candid shots.

Sometimes having a child strike a certain pose or make a big stiff smile is not going to be the most successful approach to obtaining great, natural-looking photos. Not all children are patient or cooperative. Let your child play and make silly faces. That is the perfect time to capture happy moments. Usually the most cherished photos are taken when kids are being kids. Those shots are the ones that truly reveal their character


Get down on their level.

This is the best thing you can do to capture the small details: eyelashes, tiny toes, and the sparkle in their eyes. When you get down on their level, you have a better chance of getting your child to look straight into the camera and capture a better expression.


Capture them when they're not looking.

If a child is shy or feels uncomfortable posing, explain to them it won’t hurt, it’s just a single quick snapshot. Sometimes you may need to hide behind their toys or capture them from a distance with a zoom lens to stay unnoticed.


Change the shutter speed of your camera.

By shooting with a fast shutter speed, you ensure that you get multiple shots in a short period. One of the great benefits of a fast shutter speed is that you can get great action shots when your child is running, swinging at the playground, or riding a bicycle. When photographing children the most important thing is to take as many photos as you can, even when they are moving fast.


Do your best to make the session as fun as possible.

Let the kids be themselves. Don’t force them too do something they don't want to do, the harder you try the more uncooperative they will become. Once you have some good portraits, everyone should see them. Transform your photos into original canvas prints. This is a creative way to celebrate your child's happiest moments and create some unique wall art for their room. Your little one will enjoy having their own portrait on their wall.