30-Day Photo Challenge to Promote Mindfulness

30-Day Photo Challenge to Promote Mindfulness

So often we go about our daily lives without checking in on the world around us. We tend to rush around from one place to another, from one thought to the next. But stopping for a moment to reflect and look around is a wonderful, rejuvenating exercise! Mindfulness requires taking a moment to be... in the moment. What do you see right now? How does this moment make you feel?

Photography has multiple benefits, and mindfulness is one of them! With that said, we want to present you with a 30-day photography challenge that will help you take in those little moments each day and promote creative photography. Below, we listed 30 prompts for 30 days. Each day, take one prompt from the list and take a photo that you feel represents that word or phrase. You can use a professional camera or an iPhone/smartphone camera, depending on your preference!

If you plan to share these photos to social media over the next 30 days, use hashtag #SCPphotochallenge so that we can see how you’ve decided to represent each prompt!

Whether you’re a photographer trying to perfect your photography skills and get more photography ideas or whether you’re someone looking for a way to be in the moment every day (or both), this is for you!

30 Prompts for 30 Days

1. Stability
Steadiness, security, and strength are some of the synonyms. Photograph a moment of stability.

2. New
What’s new with you?

3. Humorous
Subtle or obvious, take a photo showcasing something that you find humorous.

4. Wisdom
Find someone or something that represents wisdom to you.

5. Colorful
Photograph a colorful environment or photograph that colorful person in your life.

6. Mystery
Everyone is fascinated by a little bit of mystery. How will you photograph it?

7. Home
What does “home“ mean to you? Is it the house where you currently live? Your hometown? Someone you love?

8. Mundane
Photograph something ordinary, perhaps a part of your typical daily routine that you might find boring or don‘t usually reflect on once the task is over.

9. Full
However you interpret this one, represent what fullness means to you.

10. Movement
Literal movement caught on camera or a representation of movement, either way, today is the day to get moving and find some movement! If you’re using a professional DSLR camera and want to hone in on your photography skills, this is a great one for using a long exposure (slow shutter speed) to blur movement.

11. Quiet
Quietness, along with its antonym noisiness, can’t really be seen.. Or can it?

12. Challenge
That‘s right, a challenge within a challenge! Though it may have negative connotations, challenges are often a good thing (such as this challenge), offering a time of growth. Photograph what this means to you.

13. Older Than Yourself
A thing, a person, a place.. Photograph any of these that have been around longer than you.

14. Look Up
Well.. go ahead!

15. Joy
Don’t worry, be joyful! Photograph something that brings you joy.

16. Thankful
Every day provides something to be thankful for, whether that be something big or something small. What’s that for you?

17. Community
Take a moment to photograph your community or what community means to you.

18. Unusual
What have you come across or sought out today that seems a bit unusual?

19. Temporary
Not everything will last forever. What can you find that might be temporary?

20. Closeness
This can mean anything from a zoomed-in bug’s eye view to showing affection.

21. Comfort
Who, what, or where brings you comfort?

22. Someone You Interacted With Today
Practice your portrait photography. This could be your spouse, your child, your boss, your coworker, etc. And if you feel like getting out of your comfort zone with this one, photograph someone you interacted with for the first time ever, such as the checkout guy at the grocery store or the woman who complimented your shoes on your way to work today. Just ask first! :)

23. Inspiration
What keeps you motivated?

24. Surprise
Surprises don’t always have to involve parties, but even if they do, capture what surprised you or someone else today.

25. Time
Time may be fleeting, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still capture it! Find the time to photograph.

26. Busy
A bustling crowd or some clashing patterns, find something busy today.

27. Open
Open space? Open container? We’re open-minded.

28. Similarity
Ever notice two or more things in the same place that appear similar?

29. Childhood
It might be something specific to your own childhood, your own child’s childhood, or a representation of childhood in general... Or maybe all of the above?

30. Self-Portrait
However you decide to photograph it, this day is dedicated to the selfie.

When you complete the challenge..
You can print all or just a few of your favorites as canvas prints or glossy tiles. Glossy wall tiles, in particular, are great for this photography project, as glossy tiles are the perfect size for creating a large wall display using a variety of photos! If you want your photos to have more consistency, you can turn them to black and white before uploading to print. And after you create your wall display, don’t forget to show us on social by using the tag @simplecanvasprints.

We hope you enjoy this photography challenge! And remember: take this moment to be in the moment.