5 Incredible Benefits of Photography

5 Incredible Benefits of Photography

Photography isn’t just about taking photos. There are some amazing ways that you can benefit from photography, and we’ve got five right here!

1. It lets you notice the little things. (Mindfulness)
Most of us have daily routines, from starting our day and commuting to and from work or school to winding down our evenings. And when in a routine like this, a lot of time, we tend to ignore the little differences from our day to day, or simply, our constant surroundings. We can get so focused on the next task that we forget to be in the moment! Every moment is unique. Did you see that strange insect crawling across the ground right before you walked into work today? Or did you notice that the way the tree limbs are positioned in front of your house perfectly frame your front door when viewing from a particular angle? With a camera in your hand and the intention of photographing anything that might be interesting, you are forced to be in the moment, observing your surroundings, seeking out perfect opportunities to snap a photo. And when you get in the habit of being in the moment with a camera in your hand, it will quickly become a part of your everyday life, with or without a camera.

2. Allows for infinite creativity.
There are so many things, places, people, and moments that have the possibility of being photographed. Five people can all take a photo of the same thing at the same time, but it will still result in five different photographs. A single subject can be photographed from many different perspectives, and no perspective is necessarily right or wrong; one just might be more striking than the others. Subject matter can vary, depending on who is holding the camera. Fine art photography is an entire art form, often used for self-expression, whether it be to promote intellectual discussion or provoke emotion.

3. Gets you out of the house and moving (for the most part).
As we mentioned previously, you can absolutely take amazing photos in the comfort of your own home. But, obviously, there is an entire world outside of your home beaming with wonderful photographic opportunities, too! Photography is an excuse to leave the house and explore. And if you’re not a fan of exercising just for the sake of exercising, walking around with a camera, looking for photographic moments is a great way to get some exercise while staying occupied, being one of the health benefits of photography. In addition, it gives you an opportunity to visit places you might not go otherwise, whether it be a serene nature preserve, a hole-in-the-wall restaurant with incredible food, or a quirky hidden monument. Exploring new places has a whole list of health benefits of its own, such as alleviating stress and boosting self-esteem to name a couple.

4. A gateway to socializing.
We are social creatures! And photography lets you get out there and see the world, communicating face-to-face. When you start walking around with your camera, you might notice others walking around with their cameras, being the perfect opportunity to get to know a fellow photographer and bond over a shared hobby. But if you’re not keen on approaching a passerby on a whim, there are also a lot of photography groups and events out there for both the purpose of learning photography tips and tricks and spending time with people who share a similar interest. Social media is also full of local photography groups where locals can share their photographs and talk photography. These groups typically accept professional photographers, beginners, and hobbyist photographers, alike! To find an in-person or online photography group, we recommend doing a quick search for groups near you.

Another amazing way that photography promotes social interaction is if you’re specifically interested in portrait photography. Whether you like the thrill of approaching passersby and asking if you can take a photo of them, or whether you’re a professional who has your own portrait photography business (or both!), portrait photography offers the perfect opportunity to get to know other people and learn from them while doing a photoshoot. Many studies have been conducted, proving that frequent positive social interaction can improve physical and mental health.

5. Preserves Memories.
Something happening right now will eventually be a memory of yesterday. And as good as we think our memories may be, we simply can’t remember every detail of every moment, especially with more time that passes. Photography allows us to preserve a snippet of that memory, forever being able to look back on photos of our loved ones in reminiscence, like the photo of Grandma making her famous blueberry pie in a kitchen stuck in time. And just by looking at that photo, it will likely trigger many fond memories of that day, of that kitchen, and of course, of Grandma.

Not only does photography preserve your own memories for you to look back on, but it also allows you to see a still moment in the lives of others. Looking through the childhood photo albums of your soon-to-be spouse will give you a glimpse into what he used to look like, the people he spent his time with, and some of the things he used to do. And it also provides historical documentation. Ever since the first photograph was taken back in 1826, we have been able to get loads of historical information through photography, from information about people to information about places.

These days, it’s so simple to get your preserved memories, aka photos, printed to be forever keepsakes. If you have some extra special photos that deserve a spot on the wall, then we recommend getting them printed on canvas prints.