Boy's Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Boy's Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Your little man is growing up. His interests are changing and so are his needs. A nursery that once was designed for a baby might not fit the tastes and demands of a young boy anymore. Creating a truly timeless boy's room to match the needs of your little one is not difficult. If you want a picture-perfect room that looks like it came straight out of a catalog, read this to get fresh inspiring ideas!

Find a theme.

While there are many places to get inspiration from when designing a boy’s room, you need to make sure you meet his needs. A theme (whether it is based on his favorite superhero, sport, or even the night sky) gives you a solid starting point when you need to choose a color pallet. Most kids have a passion for something. If possible transform your child’s favorite cartoon into their bedroom theme. Their personality will play a huge role when you are creating a comfy place where they can sit, play, and rest. Think about his interests so you can create an amazing bedroom that will delight him for years to come.


Consider the type of paint you’re going to use.

Before you think about paint colors, look at the different sheens available. A satin sheen can be scrubbed easily to keep the walls in good condition for many years. Use a more neutral color pallet that is not too childish and gives you the flexibility to upgrade the room without a great deal of effort. For instance, paint the walls in beige or gray and layer pillows, textiles, accessories and furniture using your child’s favorite color.


Scale furniture according to their needs.

You certainly don’t want a bulky bed in a tiny room. Use smaller furniture for younger children. You could also invest in a quality bed that can be transformed into an adult bed when needed. This will save you money as your child gets older. To make it easier for your child, keep items low in the closet so they are at his level and easily reachable. If you are short on space, maximize storage opportunities with open shelves, bins, or baskets to keep toys and games organized and contained. A bookshelf is also a valuable addition that will last a lifetime.


Set up a space for study.

Every child should have a space that’s suitable for working, reading, and being creative. For most kids this would mean having a comfortable chair and a well organized desk placed near the window. Make the desk more engaging by placing some fun artwork, photos, and treasures which are important to your child on it.


Focus on wall décor.

Many child inspired wallpapers are bold and busy and tend to make a room appear small. Instead try hanging two or three canvas prints showcasing his favorite superhero. Canvas prints come in a variety of sizes and a huge range of layouts to suit the age of the room’s owner. For example you could create a colorful composition that includes circus animals, maps, or the solar system. You could even create canvas prints from photos of his family, his friends, or even a beloved pet. Canvas prints add interest and personality making the room his own. If he gets tired of the artwork, you can easily remove and replace it.


Pick the right flooring.

Carpets and rugs with traditional motifs like cars are warm and comfortable. On the downside, they can get messy and easily stained. Cleaning will be more time consuming as kids tend to spill liquids on carpet. If your child suffers from allergies, carpet is not recommended because of the dirt and dust which can accumulate over time.

Laminate is a much more popular and functional flooring alternative for a boy’s bedroom. Available in brilliant colors and easy to clean, laminate floors will continue to look good and last for years to come. Once again, if you want the décor to last, the more classic the design, the better.