4 Ways to Display Photos During Your Wedding Day

Welcome your guests Use one of your favorite photos from your engagement session to display as a large custom canvas print for your ceremony and reception welcome sign. You can even bump it up a notch and add text over

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In today's fast-paced and competitive business world, companies are continuously looking for ways to boost productivity and create a more engaging workplace environment. One often overlooked, but highly effective, method to achieve this is by incorporating artwork into the office

Creating a Custom Family Tree Wall with Canvas Prints and Glossy Tile Prints

With the growing interest in genealogy and advances in DNA technology, more people are discovering their roots and delving into their ancestry. There's something special about understanding your family history and finding connections to your past. One unique and personal

7 Affordable Ways to Add Summer Elements to Your Home Decor

Summertime is often associated with fun and relaxation, and we have some ideas on just how to bring these feelings to life through your decor! Whether you want to bring summer into your everyday home, have your own summer home,

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Size Canvas for Your Space

Your walls are your canvas. They are spaces waiting to be adorned with colors, emotions, memories, and ideas. That's where we come in. At Simple Canvas Prints, we aim to breathe life into your walls, helping you set the perfect