How to Maintain Your Canvas Print and Keep It Looking Great

How to Maintain Your Canvas Print and Keep It Looking Great

When you’ve made an investment in canvas prints you love, it’s worth a little bit of effort to keep your wall art in the best possible condition. With proper care and maintenance your print will last for many years to come.

Here are some proven tips to keep your canvas print in excellent condition.


How do I keep my canvas print from fading?

Keep your print out of direct sunlight. Sunlight and fluorescent lights both emit UV filtered light which is the most common reason why ink loses it's vibrancy causing the colors of your canvas to fade. Although printing companies apply UV resistant inks, intense light can still damage the print.

How do I clean my canvas print?

To ensure your printed canvas lasts for years to come, never attempt to rub the canvas with harsh fabric as this could scratch the surface of the print. Instead, use a soft cloth or fine brush to clean your canvas regularly and prevent any dust buildup.

Avoid the use of chemicals to clean your canvas. As we mentioned before, the print has been treated with a UV resistant coating that can smear if cleaned with chemicals. A soft brush is sufficient enough to keep your print looking perfect.


What is the safest way transport my canvas print?

If you must handle the print, avoid touching your canvas without protective gloves. Also too much pressure applied on the face of the canvas could result in indentations and scratches. Make sure to handle your canvas on the edge holding only the corners rather than the front. You will need a special box, bigger than the print itself. This will ensure the canvas stays in place during transportation. If you want to be sure that your art stays protected make sure nothing is resting on top of the box that may squish the canvas. If you aren't going to display the canvas on the wall, the best way to avoid fading and potential creasing is to keep it somewhere cool, dry, and dark.

Where should I hang my canvas print?

Hang your art in the right place. There are certain areas that are more ideal for hanging canvas prints. Most canvas prints are made of 100% cotton and wooden stretcher bars, and these two materials are natural and therefore sensitive to heat and humidity changes. It is not advisable to display your print in a humid location, such as a small kitchen or bathroom (places with bad air circulation). Your print is water resistant, but that doesn't mean it's waterproof. Therefore avoid displaying your canvas in a damp area where moisture is present.


Canvases need to be stored inside. Having said this, you can display your print outside during a special event or party. Once the venue is over the print should definitely be moved indoors.

Also, a canvas print should be kept away from heat sources or rapid temperature fluctuations. One of the most common places to showcase a canvas is over the fireplace. Believe it or not this is one of the most detrimental places. Constant exposure to high temperatures will eventually lead to discoloration. Sometimes it may not affect the canvas material as much as the wooden frame that the print is mounted on. Very hot temperatures have the ability to warp the canvas frame making the canvas material prone to cracking, curling, and creasing.