Modern Wall Art Ideas to Match Every Style and Budget

Modern Wall Art Ideas to Match Every Style and Budget

Is your living room set up with the perfect furniture but still lacking personality and style? Do you want to add more interest and character to the room? Learn how to change the atmosphere from drab to fab with these modern wall art décor tips!


Photos have been used to style walls since the dawn of the camera. If you need a nostalgic flashback of your favorite memories, this type of wall art looks excellent in all shapes and sizes.


Metal wall décor.

There are number of metal art items you can use to adorn the walls and create a focal point in any room of your home. The combination of silver, gold, and copper looks absolutely brilliant. However, this bold type of wall art may overwhelm the room so choose just a few special pieces with plenty of empty space around them.


Wall Clocks.

Wall clocks have been used as decorative pieces for centuries. When combined with contrasting colors they can add more interest and character to a room.



Mirrors are an essential part of a bathroom but are also a wonderful addition to any room. If positioned right they can make an area brighter by reflecting light. If you have a small square room, consider mounting one large mirror to make your space look larger.


Tapestry, rugs, and textiles.

If you are looking for a way to beautify your blank walls and add some warmth to a room why not stretch a piece of nice fabric across it? Rugs or wall hangings make interesting décor items and come in a variety of patterns, colors, and sizes.


Pressed leaves.

Why buy expensive wall art when you can create your own using nature and your imagination? By laying out and framing colorful leaves, you can create rustic works of art with materials right from your own back yard!


Canvas prints.

A bland room can come alive when adorned with canvas prints. Personalized canvas prints are the perfect décor accessories if you want to showcase your memories on your walls. You have the option to turn your own digital photos into art. Use canvas prints to make your house a home.