Showcase Your Travel Story Through Canvas Wall Art

Showcase Your Travel Story Through Canvas Wall Art

Gone are the days of endless social media posts showcasing photos of your family vacation. There are more brilliant ways to share your favorite travel moments through photos. To keep those memories alive create personalized canvas prints and share them on your wall.

Canvas prints have turned into a popular and affordable form of art to decorate any room. If you are not passionate about traditional paintings, or you want to personalize your space, use your own photos for decoration. Canvas prints cost almost 50% less than other forms of custom art. Here are some stunning wall art ideas you can make from family vacations, weekend getaways, and overseas adventures. You'll realize that the sky's the limit when it comes to decorating with canvas prints!

Create a unique travel wall collage.

Sort through your favorite travel images and cherished family memories. Pick a few of the best ones and turn them into canvas prints to bring more warmth and light into your home. Combining different or matching canvas sizes on a wall in one room will make a big statement.


Breathtaking sunset.

This is a great conversation starter for when people walk into your living room. They'll want to know more details like where the sunset was taken, who you were with, etc. It's easy to enjoy your summer holiday all year round with an image like this.


Epic oceanscape.

No wonder the deep blue sea is a popular subject to photograph. It conveys so many things - serenity, elegance and freedom. A bright image of your latest trip to the Caribbean could be the perfect stylish addition to your room.


Wonders of flowers.

There is something special about the perfect symmetry of a rose or waterlily. Only nature is capable of producing such vibrant color. It's almost as if it were an abstract art piece. With an image so vibrant and sharp you’ll be able to practically smell the blooms!


Peaceful Forest.

Nature’s seasonal magic speaks for itself. Autumn is such a gorgeous treat for the eyes with its rich pallet of warm colors and textures.


Colorful Canyons.

Leave your worries behind and embrace the stillness of nature as your remember resting on the brim of a colossal canyon out West. This canvas is so saturated with deep warm colors that it has to be seen to be believed. Shake up your interior eye-popping earth tones.


Exotic Animals.

Don’t let the worries of life distract you from success. The dominant lion, with its strength and courage, reminds us to stay tough and patient when facing difficulties. There is no better place to display motivational art from your latest safari than at your office.