The Difference Between Rolled and Mounted Canvas Prints

The Difference Between Rolled and Mounted Canvas Prints

The Pros and Cons of “Mounted” vs. “Rolled” Canvas Prints

Custom canvas prints are very popular and are a great way to transform the style of any room or make your office more personal. Canvas prints can be produced in different sizes and layouts.

When it comes to presentation, you have some options. Consider the differences between “mounted” versus “rolled.” There are several things you need to consider when deciding which one is most suitable for your wall:

Option 1: Mounted or “Stretched” Canvas Prints

This is the best option you can get. Stretched canvas prints are cotton or polyester canvas fabric stretched over real wood (stretcher bars) which help to hold the canvas in place. Protective foam bumpers on the back side prevent the canvas from marking your wall. You’re guaranteed to get a professional piece of art and enjoy the benefits of it immediately. Mounted canvas prints are ready to hang up as soon as you open the box.


Option 2: Rolled or “Unattached” Canvas Prints


Rolled, or “unattached” prints are named as such because they will be delivered in convenient rolls, without the stretcher bars. They are the perfect option for those who want to lower costs, or if the canvas needs to travel internationally. If you really want to display your print in a more unique way with interesting frames, you will need to take the print to a framer, or mount the canvas by yourself. (If you need to store them before they are framed, be cautious and do not place anything heavy on them, otherwise the canvas might become deformed.)

In a nutshell, both the mounted and rolled prints are equally beautiful. The final decision comes down to your budget and personal preferences.

Have you decided yet? We have both options available.