The Major Differences Between Canvas Prints and Acrylic Prints


The Major Differences Between Canvas Prints and Acrylic Prints


You have probably come across this question: what is the primary difference between a canvas print and an acrylic print? They are both fantastic forms of wall art but have their own advantages and disadvantages. Read the information below to better decide which to choose when decorating your home or office.

Canvas prints


  • The image is printed onto 100% cotton canvas material using dye sublimation and ink-jet printers.

  • The canvas material is stretched onto solid 1¼" deep wooden bars.

  • The final process includes applying UV varnish to the surface of the canvas that prevents fading and cracking.

  • A hanging bracket is then attached to the back of the wooden frame so the print is ready to hang.

  • Canvas prints are a good option if you want your image to have a frameless look. It’s one of the most popular mediums because it is a lot less expensive than traditional framing and modern photo mounting.

  • Custom canvas prints are one of the most popular ways photographers use to transform family portraits, serene nature shots, or micro photography into hangable wall art.

  • Canvas prints are cost effective for people who want to keep within their decorating budget.

  • Canvas printing produces a textured finish that gives your image a more old-school look.

  • Canvas prints are more scratch resistant than most acrylic prints.

  • Canvas prints cost about 50% less than acrylic prints.

Acrylic prints


As a form of wall art, acrylic prints provide a glossier finish. The wall spacers on the back of an acrylic print create the illusion of it floating in front of a wall which helps bring focus to the image.

  • The image is printed onto premium quality photo paper and then mounted between two acrylic sheets. This creates color vibrancy and a 3D effect.

  • The print is protected with a coating of UV ink which provides protection against moisture.

  • The manufacturing process associated with acrylic prints is more difficult and costly than canvas printing.

  • Acrylic prints are more common in commercial environments – particularly in office spaces and reception areas.

  • Durability - Acrylic prints have some disadvantages in this department. Acrylic prints can easily get scuffed on the corners or edges if dropped.