Home Decor Designs: Staff Picks for 2022

Home Decor Designs: Staff Picks for 2022

Fine art prints as canvas prints are currently trending, and we have a large selection of our own home decor digital art designs to choose from! Members of our staff hand-selected some personal favorites, and together, we came up with 30 designs that we feel deserve the spotlight.


This category is for the bold and vibrant art-lover. These digital art designs are sure to make a neutral room bold, and a bold room bolder.

A newsworthy beauty: We love this newspaper underlay with this retro portrait!

Pop Art - Design 194

Pop Art - Design 167

It’s the 50s music scene with a pop art twist, making this a perfect addition to some retro decor.

Pop Art - Design 173

A pug with personality! This one is for anyone dreaming of tropical vibes, bright colors, or a little bit of juxtaposition.

Pop Art - Design 190

The photographer’s tools throughout the years... By the way, do you know when photography was invented?

Pop Art - Design 176

These next two are for the 80s kids and the nostalgic gamers, alike.

Pop Art - Design 178

Pop Art - Design 193

This one brings a bright pop of color to any room! It’s especially ideal for the person who likes to switch out the wall art seasonally (aka the perfect summer print).

Pop Art - Design 196

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One of the exciting things about our abstract designs is that each design offers four different versions. The two we featured here are both the original versions of each design that our staff selected. In addition to the original, you can choose from inverted, mosaic, and hue.

Abstract - Design 22

Abstract - Design 31

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We may love the other cool designs we mentioned, but we still love to add our own custom flare from time to time (after all, we specialize in many custom product types)! You can use paint (we recommend acrylic) or markers to color in the lines and make this canvas your own.

...Anyway, we think this coloring canvas is turtelly awesome.

Coloring Canvas - Design 165

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This child art design stood out to us, but we may or may not have a bias toward cute kitten art..

Child Art - Design 429

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From the beach to the forest, these are our staff-picked landscape designs.

Landscape - Design 228

Landscape - Design 259

Landscape - Design 236

Landscape - Design 240

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We love these unique cityscape views! And we especially think that our last-mentioned landscape design pairs well with this first cityscape.

Cityscape - Design 376

Cityscape - Design 419

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We all have at least a little bit of nostalgia and appreciation for eras past (even if that era is before our own time). Enjoy our vintage-inspired favorites.

We have a special love for Chicago, and we also have a love for this vintage design dedicated to the city that we hold near and dear to our hearts.

Vintage - Design 145

Coffee lovers, grab your coffee mug and pour yourself a cup of joe. This canvas design would go perfectly in your own kitchen or near the coffee maker at the office!

Vintage - Design 137

Vintage - Design 139

Vintage - Design 152

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Floral canvases are perfect for any room: Not too bold; yet, just the right amount of color and pattern to make the room pop!

Floral - Design 90

Floral - Design 87

Floral - Design 89

Floral - Design 92

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Peacocks, and seals, and jellyfish, and elephants... oh my! There’s even more where these came from (like lions and tigers, too), but these are our staff faves.

Wildlife - Design 279

Wildlife - Design 336

Wildlife - Design 327

Wildlife - Design 306

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And those are our 30 staff-picked home decor designs!

All of our home decor designs are offered in the following sizes:


14” x 11”





Each design also offers the option to choose between a black border or a white border for the edge of the canvas. And you can choose from a 0.75” deep frame canvas print, a 1.5” deep frame print, or an unframed rolled canvas for your print depth.

Looking for a gift for someone else? If you’re not quite sure which of our designs to choose from, give the gift of a gift card and let them decide!

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