4 Ways to Display Photos During Your Wedding Day

4 Ways to Display Photos During Your Wedding Day

Welcome your guests
Use one of your favorite photos from your engagement session to display as a large custom canvas print for your ceremony and reception welcome sign. You can even bump it up a notch and add text over your image that includes your wedding date! To display, just place it on a simple easel that stands at the entryway of your ceremony.

Use as centerpieces
Along with the typical centerpieces, such as flowers and candles, print photos on small glossy tiles to be used as a centerpiece at each guest table. You can either give each table a unique photo of the two of you together or you can go even more out of the box and give each table two photos: one childhood photo of the bride and one of the groom! This puts a fun twist on the guest tables and allows all of your guests to see the adorable kiddos you once were!

Honor loved ones
For those we love who can’t physically attend, it’s always so special to honor them in some way at the ceremony or reception. Displaying photos of them at a memorial table during the wedding reception is a beautiful way to remember them. You can also print a large canvas photo of them to lean up in a chair at the reception or at the ceremony, saving a seat for those who can’t be there.

Create a photo backdrop
Custom backdrops for photo ops have become an incredibly popular aspect of wedding receptions over recent years. Some of these backdrops are made of flowers or neon signs. Others are even more elaborate with couches in the foreground along with a unique display of items in front of the backdrop wall. If you want a unique photo backdrop for you and your guests to take pics in front of at the reception, use a sturdy backdrop wall and create a wall display of glossy tile prints that nearly cover the wall. To give the photos a more cohesive or monochrome look, opt for printing them in black and white!

How can you use all of these printed photos when the wedding is over?
A wedding is typically less than 12 hours long, and it can go by so fast! Many items that were used during the ceremony and reception will no longer be needed when the day is over, such as the generic decor items that will likely either be donated or sold. However, your custom prints can still be kept and used in your home for many years after your wedding day is over!

If you have a single, small custom print, you can prop it up on a dresser or nightstand. You can even create a small centerpiece out of it on your dining room table to commemorate the same display you used on your wedding day. If you have a bunch of custom prints from your wedding, you can either create a singular wall display out of them in one room of your home, or you can spread them out to display in multiple rooms of your home. If you simply don’t have the space for some of the custom prints, they also make for beautiful gifts to family and friends!

The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to reusing the displayed photos from your wedding. And when you finally receive all of the beautiful photos that the photographer took on your wedding day, there are many different ways that you can print and display them within your home!